Inherent Perfection in a nutshell...

Inherent Perfection is the embodiment of a loving idea that is animated in each and everyone of us as we move through the world choosing to engage with our planet and all its inhabitants from our hearts. It is the outward expression of an inward affection that is the essence of all things created. It is the life force of every desire and the foundation of everything that is, will be, or has ever been. It’s an understanding that true perfection is eternally in progress, fluid not static, accepting that where we are is always right where we should be, delighting in the fact that life and each one living is ever unfolding, expanding, and changing for their highest good.

Acorn Icon Nutshell

An awareness of your Inherent Perfection, is like a beam of light that beckons to seekers on the sea of consciousness in search of solid ground to discover their truth. Like a lighthouse, it acts as a signal reaching out from the distance, guiding towards a safe haven where vitality can be cultivated on the shores of well being. Inherent Perfection is an invitation to bring out the best in you by immersing yourself in the highest vibration elements that Earth has to offer.

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