Our Story

Our brand and wellness community was inspired by the personal healing journey of our founder, Rocky Brown. Back in 2010 after devoting herself to a plant based diet, she discovered the Raw Food Detox Diet book, authored by her eventual wellness teacher, Natalia Rose. In the acknowledgement of those insightful pages, it read: To God for making the human body so exquisite in its inherent perfection.’ This notion of Inherent Perfection led her to fall in love with the power of plants and become gratefully aware of the body's innate ability to remedy itself once given the right care and conditions by connecting back to nature, the source of true vitality.


Rocky Brown Founder Healer Actress


Inherent perfection is a collection of essential oil centric, completely vegan, plant based, organic products, formulated with a commitment to be as mindful about the things that go on the body as what goes in. We are oriented by the understanding that everything we engage with is either syntropic or entropic, taking care to factor in how our products amplify life force. Our earnest offering to you is that everything we offer is infused with the loving intention to cleanse and increase your well-being. Even though we believe that everything you need is already inside of you, we see our array of plant based confections as totems to remind you of and aid you in releasing the goodness from within. In a world where so many signs are saying, you need this, or if you had that you’d finally be complete, on the contrary, at Inherent Perfection we’re here to tell you that you don't need more, you are the More. From this place of knowing that you are enough, we feel that the experience with each essence infused creation is heightened, paving the way for a journey through d
esire over necessity. Consuming is so much sweeter from a space of abundance that wells up from the inside out. Above all our joy comes from sharing these gifts of Mother Nature, aware that when we acknowledge and accept this bounty we become a vessel for heaven to kiss the Earth.