Lemme Squeeze You Tight | Toning Energizing Body Scrub

Lemme Squeeze You Tight | Toning Energizing Body Scrub

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This citus centric scrub is the ideal pick me up for your mood and your cells. Lemon and grapefruit essences are energizing and uplifting. They are also notorious adapost tissue wranglers, great for detoxing the waste stored in fat cells, making way for tightening and toning in all the right places. Lemongrass has stimulating and antiinflammatory powers that go to work to soothe sore and tired muscles, bringing deep tissue relaxation. All the while rosemary essential oil arrests cellulite and frees the respiratory system especially when used on the chest. Wrap yourself (and cells) up in this revitalizing hug of a scrub!

Best used from the neck down. Apply a handful of scrub onto wet skin in the shower or bathtub. Inhale juicy sweetness, exhale squeeze… relief!


Lemon Essential Oil

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil

Dead Sea Salt

Grapeseed Oil