Peppermental Clarity | Restorative Body & Foot Scrub

Peppermental Clarity | Restorative Body & Foot Scrub

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We call our peppermint essence The Soothsayer for a reason. The primary beneficial properties of peppermint all revolve around clarity, physically and mentally. Once concentrated into an essential oil this delicate herb is superior at clearing the slate. It cleanses the physical palate orally and the respiratory system, opening the chest for easier breathing. Eucalyptus also inspires deeper inhalation, being an antiviral, all natural expectorant and diuretic commanding the airways to discharge any congestion that impedes oxygenation. Basil rounds out the trinity, specializing in digestion. This uplifting antidepressant decongestant restores and strengthens the body’s ability to process both food and emotions. After enveloping yourself in this scrub you’ll feel cool, calm and clairvoyant.

Best used from the neck down. Experience cooling relief for the feet and tight muscles needing release. Inhale the minty, mind calming peppermint, exhale all tension, fully digested.


Peppermint Essential Oil

Basil Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Dead Sea Salt

Grapeseed Oil